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The Purpose of Founding a Website of

"Global and Contextual Theological Reflection"


As a Chinese Christian theologian living in the age of globalized and standing up of China, needs to open ourselves to learn the advantage of the western culture, appreciates the depth of  thinking and research method of western theology on the one hand,   and critically analyzes Chinese situation, towards the cross-cultural, interdisciplinary and inter-religious dialogues.  As the author has studied in Germany, it is natural to encourage the research in German theological  thinking.  The area of author's  doctoral dissertation is Systematic Theology, therefore there are lot of articles in Systematic Theology.  Moreover, the area of  author's Habilitationsschrift is Christian Ethics, therefore, there are lot of articles in Christian Ethics.   The website of "Global and Contextual Theological Reflection" collects good articles written by the student's of the author, with their consensus uploading to this website, with the intention that readers having interest in Theology could get stimulation.

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